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大地と宇宙の恩恵を受け取り生み出すもの達 地球を癒す事へと繋がってゆくよ。
季節が巡るように 星達が煌きあうように

SayuRi It is multi-and is active as a painter, a beautician, a chiropractor, a musician, a healer while living in Yamanashi among the beautiful mountains. It overflows so that nature and a body are pleased and comes to choose that it is fun, and a new way is opened more and more from there that experiences a serious illness seven years ago, and is opposite to a life and death. The power of the image, the power of the creation became my life and it was ceaseless and sprang out and I was and was moistened, and it was in a spring. It is connected to healing the things earth which receive a benefit of the earth and the space, and bring. I thank you and adopt various art and healing
ソラノモリSayuRi Art Studio